The holy ordinary is an online space where I (Mark Longhurst) explore contemplative spirituality and daily life, social justice, the arts, and geek out about the Bible. I worked for social justice non-profits in Boston for nearly a decade, pastored churches in Western Massachusetts (United Church of Christ) for a decade more, and now am a managing editor at the Center for Action and Contemplation (views expressed here are mine alone). I’m obsessed with reading, a husband and dad, a yoga enthusiast, and a lover of contemporary art.

My free newsletter consists of weekly short reflections on mysticism from the heart of my fairly ordinary life. Once a month, I also write a longer essay-type exploration of the book of Revelation. (Yes, that book, but you won’t find any rapture-readiness here. My approach is a mystical/political/psychological/cultural slow commentary). Occasionally I’ll also offer other articles such as book or film reviews, and I love interacting with readers.

A quick note on the Revelation project: I'm well-aware of the checkered history of this strange and disturbing biblical book. It has enthralled doomsday prophets, street corner preachers and fundamentalist believers waiting for the “Rapture.” More progressive Christians simply pretend it doesn't exist. Instead of approaching the book of Revelation with disastrous literalism, I'm convinced we're meant to read it with imaginations stretched and hearts blown-open.

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“I am not particularly Christian, and I am not particularly interested in the Bible, but I love Mark’s weekly contemplations because they make me think about what is important to me: the work of being human, of growing spiritually, of connecting to forces that are way bigger than I am. Plus I love Mark, so it’s always great to hear from him!”—Betsy B.

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Contemplative writing from the heart of everyday life. And other stuff, like a slow, mystical-political journey through the book of Revelation (yes, that book).


Contemplative seeker, writing about mysticism, everyday life, social justice, and the thorniest parts of the Bible.